Painless Needle-free Drug Delivery System Market Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2014

Needle-free Drug Delivery System and Advantages Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast : Industry Analysis, Overview, Research and Development – Market Research Reports.Biz

The needle-free drug delivery devices market is an emerging market. Injections are the popular mode used for delivering drugs to treat and prevent many disorders. However, it is an invasive method to deliver drugs, which leads to tissue damage. Also, some discomfort and pain is associated with this method. The needle-free drug delivery system is relatively a pain-free system, which is the major contributing reason to the growth of this market.

Needle-free drug delivery was developed to reduce the number of needle stick accident and other problems associated with injections. Needle-free drug delivery technology is developing and it has the potential to become more efficient, convenient, and safe. Some of the advantages of needle-free drug delivery system over the traditional needle injections include –

  • It prevents puncturing of skin and does not lead to bruising or bleeding.
  • It administers drug faster and better compared to invasive drug delivery system.
  • The stability of drug for storage is better as it is delivered in dry form, particularly for water-sensitive drugs.
  • The needle phobia is eliminated.
  • Self-administration of medicine is possible with needle-free drug delivery system.
  • It provides improved immune response to vaccines.

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Needle-free Drug Delivery Devices and Techniques

The needle-free drug delivery devices market according to the technology is divided into jet injectors, novel needle-free technology, competing needle-free technology, transdermal patch technology, and inhaler technology. The market according to application is divided into vaccine delivery, insulin delivery for diabetes, pediatric injections, pain management, and others. According to the system, the needle-free drug delivery system is divided into three main categories which are liquid injections, powder injections, and projectile injection.

The powder injection system consists of a chamber which is filled with a solid drug and a nozzle which is used for firing the drug into the skin by using the power source which usually is compressed gas. This system has a diaphragm on any side for covering the drug chamber. In needle-free liquid injections if the pressure is high enough by the fluid during the intimate contact with skin, then a hole will be punched into the skin which will deliver the drug into the tissue and under the skin. These systems utilize gas or spring drug loaded chambers and nozzles.

Market Overview

The above listed advantages of needle-free drug delivery system are the driving factors which contribute towards the growth of this market. However, this technology is expensive and many are not aware of how to use these devices which tend to restrain the growth of this market.

The market of needle-free drug delivery devices is categorized according to geography into Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. The major key players in this market are Glide Pharmaceutical Technologies Ltd., Antares Pharma Inc., 3M, Pharmajet, Injex Pharma AG, and Zogenix Inc. These market players gain profit on the basis of qualities such as company overview, business strategies used by the companies, financial overview, product portfolios, and the innovative technologies they have. Competition between these companies is high and this market also has threat from new entrant companies.

Even though, there are many benefits of the needle-drug delivery system, there are some disadvantages too. This method is expensive and complex; also not all systems are fitted into a standard size. To use this system one has to learn how to use and maintain the devices. This mode of drug delivery is not applicable for intravenous route. However, technological advancements will help to make this drug delivery system more affordable and accessible, which will help to boost the growth of this market.

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